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JD Flies
CW Williams Patterns
CY Hansens
DR Reeses
DT Tuckers
JR Rohmers
Hodek Patterns
JS Stenersen Patterns
Classic Dry Flies
TT Tollett
Thorax & Stacked Hackle Dry Flies
Hair Wing Dry Flies
Caddis Dry Flies
Hair Wing/Wulff Dry Flies
Parachute Dry Flies
Stonefly Dry Flies
Terrestrial Dry Flies
Comparaduns/No Hackles
Surface Midges & Gnats
Floating Nymphs/Transitional Duns
Emergers/Soft Hackles/Wet Flies
Flashbacks & Neon Nymphs
General Beadhead Nymphs
Black Beadhead Nymphs
Copper Beadhead Nymphs
Tungsten Bead Nymphs
Thorax Bead Nymphs
Beadhead Stones
Beadhead Midges
Conehead Buggers & Streamers
Beadhead Buggers & Leeches
Leeches & Wooley Buggers
Streamers & Muddlers
Salmon & Steelhead Flies
Glo Bugs & Egg Flies
Alaska Flesh Fly Series
Tube Flies
Saltwater Flies
Warm Water Flies
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